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Pre-Parenting: Fertility Tracker Reviews

You like data– and you’re looking to conceive.  There’s an App for that!  But which one?

As a Doc and data-addict, I wanted a usable but data relevant App and compared with other doctor friends doing the same.  (This is an unbiased, unpaid review.)

The clear winner from all of us….

Ovia Fertility available for Free here on Google Play (4.7 star rating).  This user-friendly app easily maps symptoms, basal body temperature, and everything you’d need in a great User Interface (UI).  Plus it has helpful articles and an informative positive daily feedback of the data you enter which makes it a positive experience.  It requires a free login, but then you can set up a quick PIN for privacy so only you will see the data on your phone.  (Note: it does collect a fair amount of data, you might want to read its service agreement closely if that’s a concern for you.)  Ovia Fertility won hands down for being both useful and usable.  (Note, Ovia Pregnancy or Ovia Parenting Apps warrant a separate review as they are very different.)

Other Fertility Apps I checked didn’t even compete (I’d downloaded them but deleted them after I started Ovia):

Glow Ovulation and Fertility (4.6 stars on Google Play): collected similar data as Ovia, but UI was not great and took a lot longer to enter data.  Plus it had an annoying % completion of data feedback that kinda made me bummed each day with its high expectations.  It did have some neat zoomable comprehensive graphs, but required Premium to fully unlock at minimum $3.99/month or more, and frankly the additional data you got wasn’t really clinically relevant or worth the price.  You get much more from Ovia for free with its calendar and summative graphs and you’ll enjoy using it much more.  (The data side of me did like the daily % pregnancy chance it gave…but Ovia’s 1-10 fertility rating is essentially the same and worth it for the overall usability so my vote is that Ovia will still serve you better.)

Flo Period and Ovulation Tracker (4.8 stars on Google Play):  Seemed more geared towards general period tracking.  The UI looks nice at first…but quickly became too Pink and girly and a little too simple for me (big dot covering whole screen).  It’s one week at a time display I didn’t find very helpful vs the monthly calendar used by Ovia or others.   It says neural networks and AI interpret the data which might be great (although I must say the data itself isn’t that complicated so that level of computation).  The summative graphs aren’t as great of UI, but it does analyze other things like sleep and activity separately if you desire.   It didn’t have the useful articles of the Ovia or Glow Apps either or positive reinforcement for data entry.  Overall I didn’t really find it usable.

Fertility Friend Tracker (4.5 stars on Google Play):  OK but its data summary displays were really old school 1990s design and didn’t seem as useful.  Unfortunately didn’t compete with Ovia for UI and usability.

Note: Many of these Apps are also on iPhone (but since I don’t have one I didn’t check that).  Also, signing up for many of these Free Apps might send an awkward “Welcome to Fertility App” email to whatever account you list (make sure that email’s not prominent at work etc. by using a junk email account).  Also, downloading might pop these Apps on your main screen on your phone that anyone can see when you unlock so beware.

Bonus Free App Recommendation: EZPregnancy  (Free on Google Play)  A simple but very usable “Pregnancy Wheel” App that Ob/Gyn doctors use to calculate due date.  If you’re trying to conceive and want a reference when the baby would be due based on first date of last period, this is an easy app to have.

Also, another useful recommendation.   If you’ve used an App for a month or two and want to increase chances of getting pregnant, Ovulation Tests are pretty affordable (especially when you use the App to narrow what dates to test). Ovulation tests give a 12-36hour notice before your most fertile days and can help increase odds of conception. One with the best reviews and reasonable price point I had success with was:  Clearblue Digital Ovulation Test (buying the 20 ovulation test strips supply will prob be all you need for $35.99 at Target, Walmart or cheaper here at Amazon).

Thanks for reading and good luck!